Not exactly swimming

Swimming in 1929

Photo courtesy of fortinbras/flickr

This blog is called ‘365 swims’ but I don’t regard myself as a swimmer. I walk in, flail and flounder about for a hundred metres, and then walk back to shore. But I couldn’t call the blog ‘365 days of flailing and floundering’. And I couldn’t call it ‘365 dips’ because you might then be expecting a blog about tzatziki and hummous and babagannouche and French onion dips.

A mate once described me not as a swimmer, but as a ‘teabagger’ – dipping in and out of the water. But ‘365 teabags’ would have to be all about Earl Grey and Robur and Twinings and Darjeeling and all the other types of tea in the world. (And, anyway, I don’t drink tea.)

So, ‘365 swims’ it is – a blog about the comfort of  being in the water, saltwater, every day.