Week 3 – swimming in ink

Week 3 – Saturday 16 June to Friday 22 June

Low tide at Williamstown beach

Three weeks into this caper and we’ve just passed the winter solstice – the shortest day in the year. It was pretty darn cold late in the week but I still managed to get to the beach.

Swimming in the dark is quite safe at the Williamstown beach, as long as you remember the rocks that are submerged about halfway across.

Given I can hardly take a decent photo in daylight I haven’t tried to take a photo of the beach pre-dawn. But there have been very low tides lately, so I tried a photo of the dark sand.

Swimming in the dark is like swimming in ink: I wrote a story about this last year.

Have you swum in the dark? In the pre-dawn, or at night? Tell us more.

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