Week 7 – procrastination

Week  7 – Saturday 14 July to Friday 20 July

The 365 Swims 20 Step Guide to Procrastination

1. Wake up. Eventually.

2. Pedal to beach. Take the long way.

3. Admire the dawn.

4. Say hello to fisherman.

5. Admire the rising sun.

6. Begin to undress.

7. Say hello to arriving or departing fellow swimmers: Stephen, Mark, Bernie, Lester, Pam, Karen, Therese, Andrew, Dan, Mike, Clive, John, Roger, Greg, Kevin…

8. Finish undressing.

9. Count number of hot air balloons over the city.

10. Count number of ships on horizon.

11. Fold clothes neatly.

12. Say hello to joggers, walkers, passers-by, dogs…

13. Count number of fishing boats.

14. Find swimming cap.

15. Admire the risen sun.

16. Unfold towels. Drape over bike.

17. Walk to edge of shore.

18. Fiddle unnecessarily with swimming cap.

19. Fiddle unnecessarily with cord of bathers.

20. Enter the water!

Week 6 – to the west coast

Week 6 – Saturday 7 July to Friday 13 July

Eastern View beach, looking north towards Moggs Creek.

I headed down to the coast for much of week 6, staying at Moggs Creek. I’ve been visiting Moggs for 40 years, ever since my parents bought land there. Moggs Creek is halfway between Anglesea and Lorne. Blink and  you’ll miss it, though blinking isn’t advised when driving along the Great Ocean Road.

I swam at Eastern View, a kilometre from Moggs Creek, for three mornings. ‘Also had a dip another morning at Urquarts Bluff, about eight kilometres back towards Anglesea.

The ocean is never as calm as it looks, so you’ve always go to be careful.

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More about Moggs Creek

Week 5 – tour de la plage

Week 5 – Saturday 30 June  to Friday 6 July 2012

Stephen rides a very rusty old bike to the beach each morning.

Mike rides a very new mountain bike.

Karen rides her teenage son’s racing bike.

Clive rides a cruiser, taking things nice and easy.

Mark and Bernie ride road bikes.

I ride my blue touring bike, though I don’t do as much touring as I’d like.

None of us have far to ride, just a kilometre or so. It’s better than driving.

Most mornings you’ll  hear and see a peloton of lycra lads zooming along the Esplanade. And if you swim long enough, or stand around chatting long enough, you’ll see the peloton again, as it heads around Williamstown a few times.

Do you ride to the beach or the pool for your swim? If so, what kind of bike? If not, what other transport of delight?

Week 4 – compulsion


Week 4 Saturday 23 June to Friday 29 June


What compels us into the water? Especially in winter?

Is it a form of baptism, of bravado?

Is it about health, mental as well as physical?

Is it about mortality? It’s certainly about feeling alive.

What did Bob Dylan sing all those years ago: “He’s who’s not busy being born is busy dieing” ?

Tell us why you gor a dip, whether it’s all year round or just in summer, whether it’s at the beach or the pool or in a river.