Week 5 – tour de la plage

Week 5 – Saturday 30 June  to Friday 6 July 2012

Stephen rides a very rusty old bike to the beach each morning.

Mike rides a very new mountain bike.

Karen rides her teenage son’s racing bike.

Clive rides a cruiser, taking things nice and easy.

Mark and Bernie ride road bikes.

I ride my blue touring bike, though I don’t do as much touring as I’d like.

None of us have far to ride, just a kilometre or so. It’s better than driving.

Most mornings you’ll  hear and see a peloton of lycra lads zooming along the Esplanade. And if you swim long enough, or stand around chatting long enough, you’ll see the peloton again, as it heads around Williamstown a few times.

Do you ride to the beach or the pool for your swim? If so, what kind of bike? If not, what other transport of delight?

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