Week 7 – procrastination

Week  7 – Saturday 14 July to Friday 20 July

The 365 Swims 20 Step Guide to Procrastination

1. Wake up. Eventually.

2. Pedal to beach. Take the long way.

3. Admire the dawn.

4. Say hello to fisherman.

5. Admire the rising sun.

6. Begin to undress.

7. Say hello to arriving or departing fellow swimmers: Stephen, Mark, Bernie, Lester, Pam, Karen, Therese, Andrew, Dan, Mike, Clive, John, Roger, Greg, Kevin…

8. Finish undressing.

9. Count number of hot air balloons over the city.

10. Count number of ships on horizon.

11. Fold clothes neatly.

12. Say hello to joggers, walkers, passers-by, dogs…

13. Count number of fishing boats.

14. Find swimming cap.

15. Admire the risen sun.

16. Unfold towels. Drape over bike.

17. Walk to edge of shore.

18. Fiddle unnecessarily with swimming cap.

19. Fiddle unnecessarily with cord of bathers.

20. Enter the water!

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