Week 18 – seal

Week 18 Saturday 28  September to Friday 5 October 2012

Williamstown 2006

There was a seal at Williamstown on Wednesday morning 3 October. About 6.30.  (No, not the seal above, which was looking a little lost and forlorn, back in 2006.)

The seal seen last Wednesday swam between the yellow buoys, where two of  the serious swimmers were swimming.

I waded out to waist deep to get a better view and to my pleasant surprise the seal kept coming in. It was swimming and ducking parallel with one of the two ‘buoy’ swimmers, an English chap in a wetsuit, who was oblivious to his companion.

I called out to the swimmer, thinking that he might need to know he’s got company. He couldn’t hear me, of course, but he eventually reached me, by which time the seal had ducked under water out of view.

The swimmer seemed both disappointed and relieved to learn about the seal. ‘I might have panicked if I’d known,’ he said, as we waited for the seal to re-appear. The longer we waited the more I wondered if I’d been a bit foolhardy. What if the seal pops up right here, right beside or underneath us? We kept waiting and looking.

‘There it is!’ said the swimmer, pointing out between the buoys to the seal, about 50 metres away. ‘Look at that!’

Back on shore a line of people looked out and enjoyed the show. The second of the serious ‘buoy’ swimmers, Karen, had noticed not the seal but the people onshore. She sensed something was going on and thought it safest to head straight to shore.

The seal was soon out of view. I popped on my snorkel and swam, as I always do, in the waist-chest deep water. Every now and then I looked up and about for the seal.

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