Week 22 – suits

Week 22 Saturday 27 October to Friday 2 November 2012

Lately, on Saturday mornings, there have been groups of  triathlon swimmers hitting the water at Willi at seven on a Saturday morning.  Twenty or thirty of them. Wearing wetsuits. A blackness in the water.

‘Rubber men,’ says Tom derisively. Then he wades out in his bathers and with his labrador Kimba (president of the Willy Dolphins).

‘Reel ’em in,’ I say to Tom, a bloke who thrives on a challenge. ‘Reel ’em in.’

I save my wetsuits  for the hot days, for snorkelling at Jawbone Marine Sanctuary. My wetsuits are my sunblock. And my protection from rocks and ‘rays.

Any day now I’ll get the wetsuits from the garage. And the flippers. And the gloves. And the earplugs. And the snorkel.

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