Week 23 – Jawbone (1)

Week 23: Saturday 3 November to Friday 9 November 2012

Beach sign

The weather was warm, the sky was clear. Jawbone was calling. I hadn’t snorkelled at Jawbone Marine Sanctuary since May, so it was great to be back. Not that there were many fish to see last Sunday. Only two, in fact. Don’t ask me their names. (Larry and Harry, maybe. Bill and Ben, perhaps. Wilma and Thelma, possibly. Scarlet and Penelope…)

The sanctuary is just around the corner from Williamstown beach. On a warm day the beach will be packed. Around the corner you’ve  just about got the water to yourself, save for the stingrays, the zebra fish, the banjo shark, the Northern Pacific seastars…

It’s a gorgeous spot that was pretty much inaccessible before the old rifle range was developed, 20 years ago, into the Rifle Range Estate. You pedal through modern suburbia – brick houses jammed up together like sardines in a tin can – and then you’re on a little beach, in a little oasis.

Here’s hoping there are a few more fish for The Great Victorian Fish Count in a few weeks’ time. It was fun last year.

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  1. Clear water but choppy today at Willy. Should be good for a snorkel this Tuesday 20-11-12. Hope the weather holds our for next weekends fish count and the fish have returned to the Jawbone. Certainly are a lot of Northern Pacific Seastars. Will see you down there.

    Love your work Vinnie.


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