Week 24 – rhythm

Week 24- Saturday 10 November to Friday 16 November 2012

Photo of notepad and goggles

Swimming, like writing, is all about rhythm. Kevin Moran, one of the Willy Dolphins, is a distance swimmer, so he knows a thing or two about rhythm. He’s also the Willy Dolphin’s poet laureate. At the past two Christmas breakfasts he’s entertained the Dolphins with a poetic account of the year’s characters and some of their antics. Here is his poem from 2010.

Each and every morning, every day of the year,

A handful of people gather, whom some folk think are queer.

Just upon the sunrise every single day

They walk into the cold waters down at Port Philip Bay.

The beach front at Williamstown is a picturesque sight,

When all these fearless swimmers, are seen in full flight.

Some come along for a plunge, others swim for miles,

The passer-bys say hello, but they all have curious smiles.

“Ice-breakers”, was the caption, on the photo in the paper,

That brought them notoriety for their morning caper.

John is in there early while Mark heads out to sea,

With Teresa, Pam and Paul making up another three.

Karen does her own thing and Roger is close at hand,

While Andrew, Lester and Michael make up another band.

Tom is also with them with Kimba close behind,

And on a Thursday and a Friday, Kevin you will find.

There is always a little banter about the local news,

Lester confronts one and all to ascertain their views.

Same change on the pathway, where they have to strip,

And hope that their towel stays, wrapped around their hip.

No-one has complained yet, and showers have been erected,

So now that it is Summer, a bigger crowd may be expected.

– Kevin Moran. 20/12/2010

(With apologies to fellow Dolphins Manny, Clive, Keith, Stephen, Greg, David, Dan and others.)


Kevin Moran has been a keen swimmer for all his life and took up open water swimming five years ago. Twice a week he drives from Essendon to Williamstown ( a 20 minute drive) to swim with his Willy Dolphins colleagues.

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