Week 36 – Fleming’s pool, Altona

Week 36   Saturday 2 February to Friday 8 February 2013

Fleming pool at Altona

Fleming’s pool is not a pool at all, but that’s okay. This little wading/dipping/snorkelling spot is at the eastern end of Altona beach, pretty much at the end of Millers Road. A 20 minute ride from Williamstown beach.

The historical marker tells us that the Fleming family came to Altona 99 years ago and lived in Blyth St, about 200 yards from the water. The Altona population back then was all of 20. (Plenty of space for a dip, though in those Victorian  days there were rather strict rules about bathing in public.)

The Flemings were quite community minded and judging by the size of the family probably rather bolstered the population.

Fleming family photo

The historical marker suggests the Fleming family home might have been the closest residence to the water.

I went snorkelling at (in?) Fleming’s pool back in mid-January on a 37 degree day. The water was clear and shallow (the water is always shallow at Altona)  but the fish must have been having a nap. As I peeled off my wetsuit and assorted snorkelling paraphernalia a woman in black shorts and pink singlet waded into the water with a German shepherd. Then, as I was packing away my gear another woman in black shorts and pink singlet was walking her German shepherd along the footpath. Is there some Altona by-law about dress-code and owning German shepherds?

Looking east from Fleming's pool
Looking east from Fleming’s pool

Sign about Fleming's pool

Meanwhile, the past week’s swims have all been in Williamstown, as far as I can recall. Dawn, mid-morning, afternoon. And the numbers are now 251 dips, 114 to go. As for the serious swimmers at Willi, they’re getting ready for the Port Melbourne to Williamstown 3.2k swim on Sunday 24 February. I reckon I’d collapse after about the .2 part of the 3.2 kilometres.

Next week: Melbourne’s answer to the Gold Coast.




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