Week 37 – Melbourne’s answer to the Gold Coast

Week 37 Saturday 9 February to Friday 15 February 2013

Beacon Cove beach
Melbourne or Queensland?

Gotta say that the swimming weeks are starting to merge together lately, one running into the next and into the next. I do recall though, that on the first day of Week 37, Saturday 9 February, I had an afternoon dip at what was once called Port Melbourne or, at a stretch, Garden City.

Just a little west of Station Pier and the Spirit of Tasmania dock, this area’s now called Beacon Cove. It features, if that’s the right word, high-rise living right on the water.  Well, almost. Right on the sand. Well, sort of.

The water was warm and deep and quite calm, save for the jet-skis – whose drivers (operators? speedsters?) were actually quite civil. Wonders never cease.

There are a handful of small beaches tucked away near Beacon Cove, including Sandridge, which has a life-saving club. If you want to get away from the crowds of the St Kilda and South Melbourne beaches, it’s worth weaving your way through and to Beacon Cove. (Thanks to my daughter Hannah for recommending this beach.)

As for the countdown, the  365 Swims scoreboard now says: 258 down, 107 to go.

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