Week 38 – over seas

Week 38     Saturday 16 February to Friday Friday 22 February 2013

clear salt water

‘Been swimming in the near-dark these past few weeks, due to starting at six in the morning. ‘Figured a photo of sunlit water would be a nice reminder of days gone by. When daylight saving stops (end of March?) there might be some light for the morning dips for a few weeks.

This week’s swims have been at Williamstown, save for last Sunday when I had a dip at Sunnymeade (Aireys Inlet) before heading off to enjoy the 30th annual Ashes cricket match in Anglesea.

All the best to all the swimmers partaking of the gentle 3.2 kilometre  Big Bay swim from Port Melbourne to Williamstown on Sunday 24 February. (Will there be a snorkelling category next year?)

Men in water
Willy Dolphins chilling out  at Pelican’s Landing after the Big Bay swim.   Image sourced from cathtatecards.com

Next week (or thereabouts): Ahoy from Hanoi (or thereabouts).

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