Week 39 – chlorine in Hanoi, failure in Sapa

Week 39   Saturday 23 February to Friday 1 March 2013

The 365 Swims International Laws Tribunal is currently hearing an appeal for clemency from a Williamstown swimmer whose successive swims since June 1 2012 came to a disappointing halt near the Vietnam-China border. The swimmer had had 267 successive daily dips but failed to have a swim  during a two-day visit to the once-remote village of Sapa in north-west Vietnam.

The alleged breaches of the 365 Swims International Laws occurred on Monday 25 February and Tuesday 26 February. The swimmer’s lawyer is calling for clemency given the extenuating circumstances (the rice paddies were too shallow, the river too dirty, the waterfalls too dangerous, the hotel too cheap to have a pool) and the fact the swimmer has had many ‘double-dips’ (two swims per day) in Williamstown since the start of summer. The swimmer also had a double-dip in  a pool in Hanoi immediately upon his return from Sapa.

A decision is expected to be handed down next week.

This week’s swims: Hanoi on 23/2 (afternoon), 24/2 (morning), 27/2 (morning and afternoon), 28/2 (morning) and Monkey Island on 1/3

The Hanoi Hilton swimming pool
The Hanoi Hilton?
Monkey Island, Vietnam
Monkey Island, Vietnam


Next week: chlorine in Hanoi and Hoi An, saltwater in Cua Dai.




One comment

  1. You should have stayed at the Victoria Hotel in Sapa! for swimming luxury. I will enjoy following your swims ’round Vietnam. Enjoy!

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