Week 41 – missed swim in Singapore

Week 41   Saturday 9 March to Friday 15 March 2013

Pool at Singapore Airport
Singapore Airport. A missed opportunity.

After a farewell dip on Saturday morning  9 March at our very own Hanoi Hilton, I headed back to Williamstown via Singapore. A friend had mentioned there was a pool at the Singapore Airport and while I had packed togs and a little towel into my hand-luggage when I was heading to Vietnam, I didn’t for the return journey. Not sure why.  Which left me with five hours to ponder the lost opportunity. The pool is at Terminal 1 of the airport and charges $13.91 (Singapore dollars.) Five hours between flights, and my togs were probably already on their way to Melbourne. Five hours and I was too cheap to buy another pair. Imagine how many laps I could have done in five hours. (Not many if you’ve seen what a poor swimmer I am. I’m a five-minute dipper, if that.) Five hours of night-time swimming. Ah, well, there’s always next time. (Do other airports offer such swimming facilities? Let me know.)

We got back to a warm Williamstown about midday on Sunday 10 March. I headed down to Jawbone Marine Sanctuary about 3pm. The water was fairly clear and absolutely gorgeous the next day. To my surprise Jawbone on Tuesday was very ordinary, despite the weather conditions seeming to be very good. The week concluded with short dips at the Williamstown beach.

Murky waters in Williamstown. Illustration by Andrew Baird, from the January 2003 edition of The Mariner


Next week: triathletes clogging up Chicken Channel!


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