Week 43 – Feathers in fine form in Frankston

Week 43   Saturday 23 March to Good Friday 29 March 2013

Frankston Ironman
Where’s Feathers?

Willy Dolphin super-athlete Andrew ‘Feathers’ Featherstone put in a sterling performance in the Melbourne Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship on Sunday 24 March. He swam 1.9kms, rode 180kms and ran 42kms in 11 hours 3 minutes and 27 seconds. A mighty effort.

The water at Frankston was pretty choppy, reported Feathers, and the ride on Eastlink Freeway was particularly windy.

Andrew Featherstone set to swim

Andrew cycling

“The run from Frankston to St Kilda was a fantastic course, with great views, but 42kms is a long way to run. I think I might be better off doing it in a car next time I’m down that way.”

Andrew running

Feathers, competing in his first Ironman event, said the support from the public was “amazing. It  gave you a lift when you came across someone calling your name”.

Feathers praised and thanked the Willy Dolphins for all their support during summer training, especially when he needed to increase his swim distances.

Next week: Tom’s Easter Sunday poem?

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