Week 45 – Waves in Wodonga

Week 45    Saturday 6 April to Friday 12 April 2013

Wodonga swimming pool
Waves, the brand new pool at Wodonga. Friday 12 April.

Wodonga being about 300 kilometres from the sea, there are not too many waves, unless the wind is really howling at Lake Hume. But there is WAVES, the seriously brand new pool. Opposite the Wodonga racecourse and beside a new housing estate and shopping centre, Waves opened on 23 February.

Wodonga swimming pool

WAVES is actually a pretty good stab at a meaningful acronym, spelling Wodonga Aquatic Venue and Exercise Space.  I had a dip there last Friday morning, just two days before it closed for the off-season on 14 April. Seems a shame to be closing so soon after opening.

My first dip for the day was at the Warrina Inn, where I made a few waves, well ripples, while completing a rigorous ten laps in the five-metre pool.

Warrina Inn swimming pool
Churning up the water, perfecting my non-technique.

‘Must admit I was not tempted to have a dip in the Murray. Rivers are strange creatures. Mysterious. Dangerous. If I’d got half-way across I would have been interstate.

Murray River
The New South Wales-Victoria border.

The rest of this week’s dips were all in Williamstown, including a few from the Sirens end of the beach.

Many thanks to my good friend Walter for the chance to visit Wodonga.

Scoreboard: 315 swims, 50 to go.

More about WAVES in Wodonga

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  1. I will always remember Vin’s powerful strokes in the Warrinqa Inn 5 metre pool. I am sure a record was involved. Certainly the two young ladies smoking ciggies out back and the incredulous manager, were impressed. A perfect autumn day in Wodonga..Ahhhh

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