Week 49 – May there be summer

Week 49 – Saturday 4 May to Friday 10 May 2013

May. There be summer.

Or so it seemed on some unseasonally warm days this past week. Well, maybe not summer. But some mild mornings and a few afternoons of almost 25 degrees is nothing to be sneezed at. Especially when you’re trying to swim.

The past week, and one morning in particular, found my friend Walter praying for warmer water, though. He hadn’t had a dip for a few weeks and pronounced as we waded in last Monday: “Jesus! Mary and Joseph!”

I laughed so much I could hardly swim (which is nothing new). The next day Walter donned his wetsuit and stopped praying to Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

The 365 Swims Scoreboard now reads 343 swims down, with 22 to go. Three weeks and one day.

Crowd at beach
A real summer’s day. 39 Degrees. 5pm, 29 November 2o12. Several hundred reasons for swimming at 6am.


Next week: Andy and Dan and the  Byron Bay Triathlon.

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