Week 50 – bound for Byron Bay

Week 50    Saturday 11 May to Friday 17 May

Byron Bay beach
Life’s hard. Byron Bay beach. May 2013. Photos by Dan Wade

While Willy Dolphin die-hards were getting used to early wintry weather, Willy Dolphin triathletes Andrew Featherstone and Dan Wade headed north to Byron Bay for a short-course triathlon:

1.5k swim 40k ride 10k run

“Heavy rain didn’t stop competitors swimming in the warm waters of Byron”, reported Feathers.  “Riding  to Lennox Heads with fantastic rain forest in the background, and finishing off with a run in ankle deep mud.”

Life changes. Byron Bay. May 2013.
Life changes. Byron Bay. May 2013.
Snake on tree
Life’s slippery.
Party time
Life’s a party. Feather’s gives the thumbs up.

Recovery was at the Beach Hotel where all injuries were forgotten and many stories told!

365 Swims scoreboard: 350 down, 15  to go (with some very high tides on the way.)

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 The Willy Dolphins send their best wishes to the bronzed Adonis Lester Oldham, whose health has taken a hammering lately.



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