Week 51 – a second snorkeller

Week 51 – Saturday 18 May to Friday 24 May 2013

rocks and snorkelling gear
Jawbone Reserve last summer.

On Thursday 23 May (day 356 of the 365 Swims) I opted for a midday spot of swimmng-with-the-snorkel. Lo and behold, there was another midday snorkeller at Williamstown, keeping the head down and gliding across to Sirens. And back. The second snorkeller had flippers and a wetsuit, so was in the cold water for quite a while. We didn’t quite cross paths but it was reassuring to know someone else dons the snorkel for their swimming. Who knows, maybe it’ll catch on. Maybe there’ll be snorkelling categories at the next Olympics. Maybe not.

Meanwhile there will apparently be a king tide in Williamstown on Sunday 26 May. 4.15pm  Could be worth a look, even a dip in the deep. More details at Green Cross Australia.

Scoreboard: 357 swims down, 8 to go.


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