Week 52 – King tide? What king tide?

Week 52    Saturday 25 May to Friday 31 May 2013

Williamstown beach
King tide? What king tide?

There was due to be a king tide at Williamstown on Sunday 25 May.  4.15pm apparently. The local paper mentioned it. The local council mentioned it. I mentioned it on last week’s blog.

I thought, This is good timing as 365 Swims heads into its last days. At about 3.45pm I pedal down to witness this twice yearly event. Camera at the ready. Expectations high. Too high, as it turns out.  I’m not expecting the water to be heading up Victoria Street, or even lapping the Esplanade, but I was expecting something a little more interesting than what appeared to be not much more than a regular high tide. Still, I had a little dip, my second for the day. And another bloke plunged in too. (A mate of Tom’s, from the Bristol.)

Deep water sign
The only sign of deep water last Sunday

The 365 Swims scoreboard now reads: 364 swims down, one to go. That’s tomorrow, Saturday 1 June. Start of winter.  I’ll do one final blog post to mark the occasion. See you then.


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