Week 46 – clockwork

Week 46    Saturday 13 April to Friday 19 April 2013

Life-Saving Clock at Williamstown

7.04, yes, 7.04, at Williamstown

Good swimmers have a technique that is like clockwork: everything in the right place and everything moving at the right time.  I’ve never owned a watch, which might partly explain/excuse why I’m no swimmer.

The Frank and Edith Becroft Clock at the Williamstown Swimming and Life-Saving Club is in no hurry to return to non-daylight saving time. It’s happily an hour behind.

Some swimmers arrive at the beach like clockwork: same time every day. All part of a rhythm, a routine, a timetable.

I usually arrive between 6.30 and 7 in the morning and even five minute variations will mean different faces. On Thursday of this week I didn’t get down to the water til after 9am. There was a scuba diver with his little floating buoy exploring the end of the western groyne. He emerged with his oxygen tanks and buoy and wetsuit as I walked in with my snorkel. And there was a bloke with a Magpies tattoo on one calf and bandaging on the other. He had some fishing rods. “I”ve got to spend 20 minutes in the water for my legs, so I may as well cast a line. You never know.”

Sunrise at Williamstown beach

Friday 19 April. Sunrise. Bob Dylan once sang “Time is an ocean, but it ends at the shore.”

Scoreboard: 322 swims, 43 to go.

Next week: Remembering Artie, ten years on

Week 4 – compulsion


Week 4 Saturday 23 June to Friday 29 June


What compels us into the water? Especially in winter?

Is it a form of baptism, of bravado?

Is it about health, mental as well as physical?

Is it about mortality? It’s certainly about feeling alive.

What did Bob Dylan sing all those years ago: “He’s who’s not busy being born is busy dieing” ?

Tell us why you gor a dip, whether it’s all year round or just in summer, whether it’s at the beach or the pool or in a river.