Week 48 – the foil of memories

Week 48 – Saturday 27 April to Friday 3 May 2013

This week, a poem from Willy Dolphin Tom Cannon – not about swimming but about life and loss and the like.


Sodden ground beneath my feet the sweet smell of wet grass baked by intermittent sunlight

Huge curtains of fat black clouds moving across the sky the hills painted shiny green with eucalypts

The green running to waters edge which like a child’s mood changes frequently

My innocent self painted childhood experiences in this place of beauty the seabirds watching

Family friends spending time as often the clouds would send the rain to freshen the landscape fatten the lake

In the background the radio broadcast of a suburban game as we waited for the weather

To chase a bloated footy slippery sodden like the ground as we danced the Easter dance

Anticipating shiny bundles of sweetness amongst the warm murmurings of family and place

The foil of memories ripped but shiny warm tastes of yesteryear hinting at the world adults forget

Let us all smell wet earth and praise the moment, for some sorrow too great to overcome

In seconds of madness that take our innocent wrap their memory in the glitter of sweet moments


Tom Cannon 20 March 2013





Scoreboard: 336 swims down, 29 to go.


Week 35 – The Kororoit Creek Swimming Pool

Week 35 – Saturday 26 January to Friday 1 February 2013

Swimming hole in Sunshine

Swimming in sepia and Sunshine

‘Can’t say I’ve ever swum in The Kororoit Creek Swimming Pool in Albion, near Sunshine. Or Kororoit Creek itself, which winds all the way down to Williamstown.  I came across some historical signs a few months back while pedalling along the Kororoit Creek bike path.

The pool was actually a swimming hole in a deep part of the creek and was popular up until the 1940s, by which time drownings and pollution led to the local council building a suburban pool.

Gum trees and creek

Gum tree swimming, anyone?

The signs by the bike path have been vandalised but you can still get a sense of days gone by.

Swimming hole sign

Selwyn Park sign

Close up of history sign

The mouth of Kororoit Creek is about a kilometre west of the Williamstown beach, just past Jawbone Marine Sanctuary.

Mouth of the creek

Monash University researchers at the mouth of the creek.

It’s a curious area – the local council has long been suspicious that the handful of angling club clubrooms are more residential that they should be.  Something fishy going on, perhaps.

Boats and poles

Kororoit Creek, looking east towards Williamstown

Kororit Creek, looking west towards Altona

Kororoit Creek, looking west towards Altona


As for the word ‘kororoit’, I think it means ‘young kangaroo’.

And as for Week 35’s dips, they were in Eastern View (three), Lorne (two), Point Roadknight (one) and Williamstown (three). But not Kororoit Creek.

Next week: Fleming’s Pool at  Altona beach