The Williamstown Bureau of Meteorology

Blackboard at beach

Chalk + initiative = social media.

Blackboard at beach

Temperature updates by a man close to the sea. Photos by Jesse Maskell.


Week 42 – Sirens

Week 42    Saturday 16 March to Friday 22 March

Sirens restaurant in Williamstown

Williamstown beach

The Sirens restaurant is at the eastern end of the Williamstown beach. I’ve got a hunch – based on no evidence whatsoever – that it might be more popular with visitors than locals.  It was a dilapidated, abandoned, vandalised building – change rooms, I guess –  for many years. About 20 years ago it was the location for a ghost-story in the children’s series Around The Twist.

Toilet signs at Sirens

Scrubby bush at beach

About 100 years ago this part of the beach featured private hot sea baths, until a sizable storm in 1922 huffed and puffed and blew everything down.

I’ve been snorkelling a little off Sirens lately. Just mooching around, not expecting to find anything.

This week’s dips:
Saturday 16/3. 7.30am. Chicken Channel, supposedly reserved strictly for old blokes -especially skinny old blokes wearing a snorkel – is invaded by rubber-men, triathletes churning up the water. Busier than Bourke St.
Sunday 17/3. 7.30am. High tide. Big southerly winds. Beach all to myself. Where are you rubber-men now? Where are your wetsuits and your watches and your caps and your perfect techniques?
Monday 18/3. 12.50pm. Low tide. Fairly clear.
Tuesday 19/3. 6pm. A little choppy.
Wednesday 20/3. 4.30pm. Low tide. Clear. Mooching about near Sirens.
Thursday 21/3. 4.30pm. A howling cool northerly. Serious wind. But the water is relatively calm. Almost flat. Rain spatters the water. Get happily soaked riding home.
Friday 22/3. 4.30pm. Calm. Pottering around off Sirens.

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