Howling by Kevin Moran


Howling winds as banshees cry

rolling clouds fill the sky

rumbling bubbling trouble unfolding

dark and threatening drama beholding

expectancy of danger near

anxiety builds to fuel the fear

rain lashing penetrates

spraying soaking isolates

waves pounding shoreline foaming

not a soul out there roaming

chill embraces senses numb

ominous signs Winter’s come


Kevin Moran, Willy Dolphin



Week 11 – a fair haven

Week 11 – Saturday 11 August to Friday 17 August

Photo courtesy of Flickr & Creative Commons

‘Had a quick dip at Fairhaven this week, and another at Eastern View, just down the road. Usually my daily dips are in suburban Williamstown, but I had a chance to get down to the coast for a few days.

Fairhaven beach was pretty much deserted when I popped by on my bike, on my way to buy the morning paper from Skinny Legs Cafe in Aireys Inlet. The picture above (courtesy of Flickr) is from sunnier, warmer, busier days.

Fairhaven was the (un-named) setting for a story I wrote about 12 months ago, about an old man caring for his frail wife. I called the story Erosion. The editor gave it a slightly  different name.

Week 4 – compulsion


Week 4 Saturday 23 June to Friday 29 June


What compels us into the water? Especially in winter?

Is it a form of baptism, of bravado?

Is it about health, mental as well as physical?

Is it about mortality? It’s certainly about feeling alive.

What did Bob Dylan sing all those years ago: “He’s who’s not busy being born is busy dieing” ?

Tell us why you gor a dip, whether it’s all year round or just in summer, whether it’s at the beach or the pool or in a river.