365 cheers for Kaye and Greg!

Photo courtesy of Willy Dolphins photographer Paul Turner.

Congratulations to Williamstown swimmers Kaye Tomkins and Father Greg Trythall, who completed 365 swims from January 1 2021 to December 31 2021. A mighty effort, given the jellyfish of late, the ever-increasing numbers of swimmers these past 18 months, and of course the always challenging winter.

Neither was aware of each other’s quest until after they had completed their epic efforts. Both are still swimming daily. Kaye is not necessarily keeping count any more but Father Greg certainly will be. His tally of consecutive Sunday morning swims must have just passed 1350.

Father Greg, on left in white shirt. Kaye Tomkins on right, front row, adjusting sunglasses. Photo courtesy of Willy Dolphins Facebook.

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